Best fashion trends for guys

The League of ugly shirted gentlemen

The League of Ugly Shirted Gentlemen There have been many new members to the league over the past year but the original five tight shirted lonely guys will always be my favourite.

Worst Dress Alike Ever

Creepiest Dress Alike Ever This isn't a good look for anybody, fashion let alone a husband and wife, this photo is enhanced by the creepy over zealous husband's expression and the wife's look of terror. "See I told you Mother's night gowns would come in handy"

Most Confident Men in the World

The Most Over Confident Men in the World These two delights look like they're standing on the corner of "Drunk girl" and "need a ride home". Their faces are the adult version of a child at Christmas, without all that innocence and a whole bunch of cocaine.

Brick Mantooth

A little something for the ladies: The first appearance of Plaidstallions spokesmodel Brick Mantooth, occasionally I get a sarcastic sexy letter written to Brick, at least I hope it's sarcastic.

Man Mates

Man Mates: JC Penney inadvertantly created the clothing line that would become the signature look of lonely bachelours. Butterfly collars, neckerchiefs and awful colours, if fashion were war, Man Mates would be tried in Stockholm and hung..

Space Hookers

Space Hookers: These disco numbers look as if they were props from "Buck Rogers visits a Massage Parlour" and yes, they still have camel toe in the future.


Avoid Handsome Strangers with Chips:The clothes here aren't all that different to modern dress but the unintentional hilarity of this man being seduced by John Oates is over powering..

pretty butterfly

I'm a Pretty Butterfly: "Hope nobody notices I'm wearing my daughter's T Shirt"

disco freak out

Freak Out:The acid must be kicking in for Oates....

bully magnet

The Bully Magnet: The unwanted love child from the union of a jumpsuit and a Catholic schoolgirl's skirt, I can't imagine many of these were worn twice.

dress alike

You're spending too much time together Dressing alike seems to be a common theme in 70's catalogs but a man in a belly shirt is taking it across state lines to "Creepytown".

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