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A fashion show is an ensemble of creative ideas, right from ramp, lighting, and charity fashion show titles italics décor, to models and clothing. Success of a fashion show depends on whether it is able to spark the imagination of audience, and convince them to buy those clothes. Themes in fashion shows, are able to do just that, as they provide theatrics and create drama, at an otherwise normal show.

Theme of a fashion show should be in tangent with the purpose of the show, and it should be interesting and captivating for the audience. The purpose can be fundraising for charity, a designer promoting his collection, entertainment for some other event, etc, and the theme should be along the same lines. Following are some themes, which can be used in a fashion shows:

Trends of different decades

This is one of the most popular theme and is as evergreen as the eras gone by. Clothes inspired from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s can be showcased in this theme. Some good examples of these clothes, are bright colored skintight clothes from 1980’s, and bell bottom pants of 1970’s.

Seasonal theme

Again a very popular theme, as fashion shows are generally showcased as fall/winter collection or summer/spring collection. Dark colors like grey and black for winters, and pale colors like pink, peaches, yellow, lemon green, etc, can be used for summer. Summer/spring clothes can include tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, raincoats and boots, and winter collection can have sweaters, coats and sweatshirts.

Goth or Punk theme

This theme involves dark colors like purple, black and red, loud music and models wearing heavy makeup and attitude. A punk band as entertainment, will add to the theme. Fabric choices in this fashion show can be leather, animal prints, plaids, fishnets and fake fur.

Clothes for specific audience

This theme can showcase clothes, which are made for certain section of people, like maternity clothes, kids clothing, clothes for wedding, etc.

Bollywood theme

Bollywood sets trends in India and internationally, so this is an ideal theme for a fashion show. The show can have glamorous, colorful, Indian ethnic clothes (maybe from some of the hit Bollywood movies). The way models catwalk can have some drama or it can be choreographed like a musical extravaganza, just like Bollywood movies.

Crazy and unconventional theme

Striking clothes can be used, with bold colors such as bright red, orange, green, etc, with unconventional make up on models. This theme can be great fun to put together and a designer can go wild with ideas, on this one.

Accessories as theme of the show

Accessories are an important part of dressing. This theme can be used to present accessories like handbags, belts, scarves, bracelets, etc.

High fashion theme

Runway fashion which are trend setting and unique, can be showcased in this theme. Inspiration for clothes can be taken from haute couture designer outfits. These clothes are made with high quality material and are high in cost. Hair and makeup of models should be suitably matching the designer clothes.

Theme with handcrafted items

Handicrafts such as jute, meenakari or tarakashi, woven or embroidered handicrafts, such as bandhanis, etc, can bring an ethnic feel to the show. Woven or handcrafted clothes, designed in couture style, can look very chic.

Classic books theme

Classics are a great source of inspiration for designers. Theme of the show can be inspired by classics like, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, etc.

To conclude, a nice well thought theme, with good music and sound effects, can take the designs being presented at a fashion show, to the next level. Hope these ideas are enough to get you started, in organizing a wonderful show. All the best!

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