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Leica Cyclone is the point cloud processing software. It is a family of software modules that provides the widest set of work process options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction and related applications.

For organisations that need to add point cloud data to their process, Leica Cyclone is the only solution that can create all of the deliverables you need. Unlike other scanning providers, our product efficiently delivers on the entire set of project requirements; which ensures your organisation’s profitability. read more

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FARO CAM2 is the world’s smartest 3D measurement platform and the only metrology software in the market that delivers on the strategic goals to always offer the best integrated FARO hardware experience, intuitive workflow and insightful reporting. CAM2 continues to redefine metrology software to ensure that any user can quickly and easily accomplish their measurement tasks and capture actionable business data through the intuitive user interface and image-guided, automated measurement workflows. read more

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STEP 7 Professional 2017 SR1, is the world’s best known and most widely used engineering software in industrial automation.

With SIMATIC, users rely on an integrated engineering environment. Efficient software supports users over the entire life cycle of the machine or plant – from the planning and design stages, through configuring and programming, all the way to commissioning, operation and upgrading. With its integration capability and harmonized interfaces, SIMATIC software permits a high degree of data consistency – throughout the entire engineering process. read more

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MoldWorks 2018, is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry.

MoldWorks is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry.

– Incorporates process-specific knowledge of moldmaking in CAMD (Computer Aided Mold Design) software.
– MoldWorks’ intuition is the result of combining expert knowledge with automation and associativity.
– Delivers levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional mold making software…at an affordable price!
– Provides time-to-market gains of 2-1 or better! read more

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SplitWorks 2017 is a revolutionary new product, using advanced technology, to automate the process of core and cavity separation and creation for the plastic molding, blow molding, sheet metal (progressive dies, bending), aluminum injecting, investment casting, wax molding for ceramics technology.

– Create Sub Inserts is used to create sub inserts with/without a base from an insert (part) in an assembly given a sketch or a set of faces defined by selection or by a color. For a sketch it must be created on the base of the insert or on a plane (at the part level) and containing one or more closed loops prior to activation of the menu. For a set of face either select the faces on the fly or prepare a group of faces with the same color. The sub inserts are created as separate parts, added to the assembly and subtracted from the insert. It is available through the Tools > SplitWorks >Create Sub Inserts… menu system, the icon menu (if activated in the assembly document) or the CommandManager tab.
– Added circular planar surface to the planar surface options. When planar option is identified then only the Distance parameter is displayed which indicates the extra margin for the planar surface.
Add Planar Surface
– Icon has been added to the Chain Edges dialogue to allow quick access to this menu.
– Chain Edges has been optimized to offer the correct solution automatically (with no need in most cases to change the direction).
– Update Surface automatically rolls up the tree to the relevant (core or cavity) surface and rolls back down after performing the update. This may lead to errors due to changes in the original surface which will have to be corrected.
– Create Side Core direction can be defined by a circle as well.
– Right Hand Mouse button SplitWorks menus (Chain Edges, Planar Surface and SplitWorks Delete) are now on the main menu and not under a sub-menu.
– User Blanks can now be defined in all versions. Previously the user blank had to be defined in version SOLIDWORKS 2014 or before. read more

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ElectrodeWorks Fully integrated into the SolidWorks environment, ElectrodeWorks automates all aspects of extraction, design, management, documentation and manufacturing of EDM electrodes.
– Agie/Charmilles output file.
– Order of the electrode output to Excel and EDM machine files is dictated by their order in the ElectrodeWorks FeatureManager tree. A new drag mechanism to modify this order has been implemented. It does not modify the SOLIDWORKS tree.
– Order of the positions of an electrode can also be modified (except for the original one) through a mechanism under the Electrode Data menu.
– Electrode Data and Options dialogue have been modified to reflect the changes as a result of the introduction of .ini technological files. Only Material and Surface finish are still available. Surface finish and all the other data must be read in from the .ini technological files which are supplied with the installation and can be modified. Check the User Guide or Help for further information.
This only affects new electrodes created.
– Options dialogue now has a check box whether to create the Excel file or not.
– Add Folder under the Electrode Library has been updated to allow easy browsing to an electrode folder.
– Project name has been removed from the electrode name.
– EDM safety distance is a new parameter in the Electrode Data dialogue. The actual safety distance is initially set according to the value in the Options dialogue, however it can be changed through the Electrode Data menu.
EDM safety distances are now stored with the electrodes. In this version we have deactivated the Start Position parameters in the Electrode Data dialogue due to the changes made to the EDM safety distance. In the next version we plan to overhaul this section to allow electrode approach direction path. read more

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Surfcam is a powerful and affordable 3D Vero Software CAM solution that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use. Surfcam products have been installed on more than 26,000 systems worldwide during the past 25 years. In that time, Surfcam has grown to support 15 languages and has gained an outstanding reputation for training and providing the highest level of technical support to its customer base. Commenting on the acquisition, Richard Smith, CEO of Vero Software says, “Across the enlarged Group, the complementary products address the worldwide need for efficient and innovative CAD/CAM/CAE technology. SURFCAM is a robust, and well respected CAD/CAM system with a large number of loyal customers and knowledgeable resellers. With an emphasis on sharing already proven technologies, we will provide the development platform to reinvigorate the SURFCAM product and continue to help its customers become more efficient, profitable and successful. Following our recent European acquisition of Sescoi (WorkNC), this US acquisition is further evidence of our growing influence on the global manufacturing market. We fully recognise the importance of product branding and it is important to emphasise that we will continue to invest in SURFCAM through our new subsidiary Surfcam Inc., and welcome the existing US and overseas Surfware partners and resellers into the Vero network. read more

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RISAFoundation gives you the ability to solve and optimize all types of foundation systems, including mat foundations, grade beams, pile caps, retaining walls, isolated spread footings and combined footings.

RISAFoundation also fully and completely integrates with RISA-3D and RISAFloor, providing a complete structural design solution. Whether running standalone or from within RISA-3D/RISAFloor, RISAFoundation provides unparalleled ease, flexibility and power for the drawing, design and optimization of foundation systems. read more

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RISAFloor features automatic load attribution based on deck direction, automatic live load reductions, full floor vibration checks, full height column stack design (considering splice locations), export (and import) of CIS/2 detailing files, parent/child relationships between floors, exclusive or additive area loads, concrete rebar detailing, true spreadsheet editing, automatic code based wind and seismic load calculations and much more.

RISAFloor links to RISA-3D for the design of the lateral system and nonstandard building components, and to RISAFoundation for design of the foundation system. You can move effortlessly back and forth between these three programs, creating and modifying your building model in any manner you wish. read more

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RISA-3D is popular among structural engineers for many reasons, but one in particular stands out: ease of use. We designed our premier product with the daily use of structural engineering professionals in mind. User friendliness combined with advanced analysis capabilities make this industry standard software a very powerful tool for the analysis and optimization of all types of structures and all common structural materials, including steel, concrete, wood, aluminum and masonry. It’s a tool no structural engineer should be without! read more

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GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i (SELECTSeries 4), is a family of integrated civil design and engineering software ideally suited to civil engineering and transportation projects of all types.

GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i (SELECTSeries 4)은 모든 유형의 토목 및 운송 프로젝트에 이상적으로 적합한 통합 토목 설계 및 엔지니어링 소프트웨어 제품군입니다.

GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i (SELECTSeries 4), es una familia de software integrado de diseño civil e ingeniería ideal para proyectos de ingeniería civil y transporte de todo tipo. read more

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LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V18 for the 3D modeling, design, analysis, and load rating of everyday steel bridges.
– Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA)
– Design Optimization for Tub-Girders
– New Cross-Frame Locations Wizard
– Phase I for PennDOT Design Manual – Part 4 Design Checks (it will be followed by Phase II and III for full compliance)
– Z Type Cross-Frame Definition
– Double Sections for Cross-Frame Members

LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V18 per la modellazione 3D, la progettazione, l’analisi e la valutazione del carico dei ponti in acciaio di tutti i giorni.
– Analisi spettro di risposta (RSA)
– Ottimizzazione del design per Tub-Girders
– Nuova procedura guidata per le posizioni dei cross-frame
– Fase I per il Manuale di progettazione PennDOT – Parte 4 Controlli di progettazione (sarà seguito da Fase II e III per la piena conformità)
– Z Type Cross-Frame Definition
– Doppie sezioni per i membri cross-frame read more

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Fledermaus is the industry leading interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool. With the release of Version 7.0 we have moved this to the next dimension: the addition of a fully integrated time reference allowing users to work in a true space and time environment.
Commercial, academic and government clients use the Fledermaus software worldwide. They use the software to interact with massive geographical datasets of numerous data types for ocean mapping and land-based projects. The intuitive 4D display and interaction allows clients to rapidly gain insight and extract more information from their underlying data. This provides our clients with added value in data processing efficiency, quality control accuracy, data analysis completeness, and project integration, that promotes clear communication.
A wide variety of industry standard formats are supported for direct import of data to the 3D scene, and Fledermaus also allows data from remotely operated vehicles, ships or other entities, to be visualized in real-time.
The extensive functionality of Fledermaus allows its use across many phases of a project from the planning, processing and QC, through to analysis and production of images, plots and animations. read more

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Vectorworks 2018 includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals, as well as Vision. New this year is Braceworks, a structural load analysis add-on module targeted to designers and riggers working on temporary entertainment structures.

About Vectorworks 2018. This release is the first in the 2018 worldwide rollout, which will include the release of ten additional localized-language versions.

Another theme for this launch was the integration of analysis and design. With the addition of Braceworks to the entertainment portfolio that already includes the industry-leading Spotlight and Vision software, entertainment professionals can complete their entire workflow, from design to documentation to production, in one interface. Also, customers will notice the simplification of Vectorworks worksheet capabilities, which makes it easier for them to create custom reports from model or drawing data. read more

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ContextCapture Master CONNECT Edition V4 Update 10, is a software solution that allows the production of high resolution 3D models from simple photographs or from point clouds, without any human intervention.
– Hybrid registration photos/point clouds: new aerotriangulation positioning modes to register photos using point clouds
– New Surveys user interface with enhanced ergonomics and user assistance.
– Multi-scale constraints
– Coverage map (Quality report)

ContextCapture Master CONNECT Edition V4 Update 10は、人間の介入なしに、簡単な写真やポイントクラウドから高解像度の3Dモデルを作成できるソフトウェアソリューションです。
– ハイブリッド登録写真/ポイントクラウド:ポイントクラウドを使用して写真を登録するための新しいエアートリガレーション位置決めモード
– 人間工学とユーザー補助機能を強化したNew Surveysユーザーインターフェイス。
– マルチスケール制約
– カバレッジマップ(品質レポート) read more

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HEXPRESS and HEXPRESS/Hybrid 7.2. This applications produces unstructured hex-dominant conformal meshes of complex geometries, starting from unclean CAD data. Thanks to the fact it can run on multiple processors it’s ultra fast on top.

The following is a detailed list of new capabilities and enhancements in HEXPRESS 7.2:

EXPRESS: Define rotor/stator interface with zero radius
– The rotor/stator interface can now include regions where R=0.
Optimize mesh quality after transformation 
– In some cases where the cell coordinates are near zero, invalid cells can appear after a mesh transformation due to rounding errors. This new advanced option optimizes the mesh quality after the transformation operation, recovering a valid mesh.
Improvements in the mesh processing workflow
– The mesh processing workflow has been improved: When converting a structured AutoGrid5 project into HEXPRESS, the hub and shroud curves definition is stored in the mesh file to compute the span and stream positions within CFView. read more

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FINE/Turbo 12.2, the latest version of the high accuracy multi-block structured Navier-Stokes CFD software dedicated to internal, multistage rotating and turbomachinery flow simulations.

– Improved formulation for outlet mass flow imposed with pressure adaptation boundary condition (New in FINE/Turbo 12.2)
– Non reflecting rotor-stator interface for steady state computations of turbomachinery applications with preconditioning (New in FINE/Turbo 12.2)
– Compatibility of Nonlinear Harmonic Method and CPU Booster with solver acceleration using General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU) (New in FINE/Turbo 12.2)
– Cavitation with barotropic law and Merkle preconditioning (New in FINE/Turbo 12.2)
– Import 1D/2D profiles from CFView as boundary conditions or fluid properties profiles (New in FINE/Turbo 12.2)
– Display the residuals per row
– Easier monitoring of the aerodynamic power and the force and torque components
– Usability improvements of the Nonlinear Harmonic Method
– Compatibility of Conjugate Heat Transfer and Nonlinear Harmonic Method
– General improvements of the Expert Parameters list management
– Fluid/Structure Interactions – Visualization of Complex Mode Shapes (New in FINE/Turbo 12.2)
– Fluid/Structure Interactions – Complex Mode Shapes
– Fluid/Structure Interactions – Local Aerodynamic Power Output
– Fluid/Structure Interactions – Compatibility with HPC
– Python commands for the Task Manager module
– Python commands for the convergence history page read more

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FINE/Open with OpenLabs 7.2, which the company says allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD. The solution helps avoid complex programming tasks through the use of an easy meta-language. Users can use OpenLabs to develop or improve models, including atmospheric boundary layer models; actuator disk simulations; and soot modeling, turbulence, multiphase, combustion models.

The following is a detailed list of new capabilities and enhancements in FINE/Open with OpenLabs v7:

FINE/Open with OpenLabs
– Advanced controls for multi-rank harmonic method
– Compatibility of NLH with Merkle preconditioning and perfect gas
– Compatibility of Merkle preconditionning and condensable gas
– Zero-radius rotor/stator interface
– Robustness improvements during coarse grid initialization
– New solver for solid blocks
– Define injection points by file for Lagrangian simulations
– Ability to define constants by expression in OpenLabs
– Customization of rotational speed through OpenLabs
– Fluid/Structure Interaction – Rigid Body Motion through OpenLabs read more

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IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM offers a complete IDE with everything a developer needs in one single view. The included IAR C/C++ Compiler provides leading technology built by the compiler experts at IAR Systems, and version 8.10 of the development tools add compliance with the latest C language standard ISO/IEC 9899:2011 as well as the latest C++ standard ISO/IEC 14882:2014. The latest tools version also offers a major update of the IDE, including feature enhancements such as improved window management and docking enabling more efficient workflows. In addition, the version 8.10 adds new tutorials to provide developers with a quick project start as well as new possibilities for easier trace filtering and navigation. read more

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CoTherm, is an ambassador that facilitates the flow of information between CAE simulation products.

It is the solution to complicated scripting and allows you to set up a customizable workflow from a user-friendly interface. At this release stage CoTherm currently couples with TAITherm, Star-CCM+, and Fluent but also has the capability to be extended using the API.

– Coupling with Fluent
Couple with Fluent to execute a fluid flow simulation within a process. Surface temperatures can be mapped onto Fluent boundaries and a simulation can be run to export convective heat transfer coefficients and fluid temperatures.
– Coupling with Star-CCM+
Specify a Star-CCM+ tool to execute a fluid flow simulation within a process. Surface temperatures can be mapped onto Star-CCM+ boundaries and a simulation can be run to export convective heat transfer coefficients and fluid temperatures.
– Coupling with TAITherm
CoTherm was made to couple with TAITherm. Together, these programs allow you to execute a thermal analysis within a process. Specify part faces, assemblies and CFD model boundaries within a TAITherm model. Setup a task to import heat transfer coefficients and fluid temperatures. Tasks can also be created to export thermal results from TAITherm into an EnSight case file. read more

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