D fashion engineer salary

A fashion designer creates designs for items like clothing, shoes, and accessories. Prior to creating a prototype, the designer will create a sketch of the clothing. Usually, this clothing concept will then be presented to management, who will approve the clothing so that a prototype can be created. The fashion designer will often be expected to have sewing skills, in order to create the first clothing example. When the design is handed over to a factory or other clothing producer, the designer must oversee the process to make sure that the clothing meets quality standards of the company.


It is important to have strong knowledge of various fabrics, in order to make sure that the clothing is durable and comfortable. Sometimes, the fashion designer will be expected to showcase the designs in a fashion show, in order to present fashion concepts to creative directors, as well as consumers. It is important to be familiar with various design software, including computer-aided design programs.

The fashion designer will usually have to demonstrate a portfolio prior to being hired, in order to make sure that the designer’s fashion sense is in line with the company’s vision. Keeping up with trends in the field is important, so that colors and styles can be matched with consumer preferences. Some companies require experience. Internship positions are often available and may be unpaid or paid. Often, any positions within the design field are highly competitive, including internship positions. Some positions require that the designer has graduated from a fashion design program, while others will simply rely on the talent and experience of the fashion designer. (Copyright 2018

Fashion Designer Tasks

  • Draw patterns and specifications for articles of clothing, determining factors such as design, colors, materials, and methods of production.
  • Promote salary designs by displaying samples of clothing at sales meetings and fashion shows.
  • Follow fashion trends by researching customer preferences, attending fashion shows, and reading fashion publications.
  • Develop design ideas based on targeted demographic and preferences of management or clients.
  • Supervise assistants creating patterns and producing samples of articles of clothing.

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