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Synonyms and Antonyms of fashionable

1 being in the latest or current fashion

  • a shopping district filled with expensive boutiques selling fashionable clothing from the top designers

Synonyms of fashionable

à la mode (also a la mode), au courant, chic, cool [slang], exclusive, fresh [slang], happening, hip, in, modish, sharp, smart, snappy, stylish, supercool, swell, swish, trendy, voguish

Words Related dictionary to fashionable

downtown, edgy, funky

dapper, dashing, dressy, kicky, natty, rakish, sassy, saucy, spiffy, spruce

chichi, classy, flossy, haute (also haut), nobby, posh, ritzy, soigné (or soignée), swank (or swanky)

elegant, graceful, handsome, majestic, refined, sophisticated, stately, tasteful, understated

doggish, doggy, flashy, gallant

dandyish, dudish, foppish

ultrachic, ultracool, ultrahip, ultraposh, ultrasmart, ultrasophisticated

Near Antonyms of fashionable

cheesy, tacky, unattractive, unbecoming

graceless, inelegant, tasteless, trashy, unhandsome

frowsy (or frowzy), sloppy, slovenly, unkempt, untidy

disheveled (or dishevelled), messy, mussy, rumpled, wrinkled

shabby, sleazy

Antonyms of fashionable

dowdy, out, outmoded, styleless, unchic, uncool, unfashionable, unmodish, unstylish

2 enjoying widespread favor or approval

  • that breed of dog became fashionable after it became the preferred dog among Hollywood celebrities

Synonyms of fashionable

big, crowd-pleasing, du jour, faddish, faddy, favorite, happening, hot, in, large, modish, pop, popular, popularized, red-hot, vogue, voguish

Words Related to fashionable


favorite, preferred, selected

desirable, liked, wanted

celebrated, famed, famous, noted, notorious, prominent, renowned, well-known

fabled, fabulous, legendary

leading, notable, outstanding, prominent, remarkable

important, significant

Near Antonyms of fashionable


despised, detested, disliked, hated, rejected

insignificant, unimportant

indistinguished, unexceptional

anonymous, nameless, obscure, unknown


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