Eso fashion khajiit

eso fashion khajiit

A guide to ESO Bangkorai quests and associated achievement. Bangkorai is a level 37-43 zone for the Daggerfall Covenant faction

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Bangkorai Explorer – 15 pts

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Discover and clear all six caves in Bangkorai


  1. Troll’s Toothpick
  2. Torog’s Spite
  3. Crypt of the Exiles
  4. Viridian Watch
  5. Rubble Butte
  6. Klathzgar

Main Story

Shadow of Sancre Tor – Level 40

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Given when you are near a city and are of the appropriate level.

Consecrate the Shrine in the Reman Vault (use the lever to release the drawbridge) fashion

Start Configuration: Down Up Down Up (if you already messed with the levers, just log out to character select and then log back in)

  • Levers are labeled from left to right as you face the bridge.
  • Press lever 3 up, then lever 2 up and then lever 1 down. After doing this, all 4 levers should be facing down.


Defeat Mannimarco

  • Main thing to watch out for is Mannimacro’s life drain (Death’s Gaze) which you need to interrupt (hold down both left and right mouse buttons when you get near him). He also have a big AoE attack you should try to dodge out of as well.


Reward: Signet of Sancre Tor, 1 Skill Point, 525 gold


Council of the Five Companions– Level 45

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Given when you are near a city and are of the appropriate level.

Reward: Band of the Companions, 1 Skill Point, 564 gold


Guild Quest

Will of the Council – Level 43- Fighter’s Guild

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Given by a courier when you approach the Fighter’s Guild if you are within the appropriate level

The Mad God’s Bargain Level 43 – Mage’s Guild

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Given by Shalidor when you approach the Mage’s Guild if you are within the appropriate level

Reward (if you get Valaste go with the Mad God): Folium Discognitum, 548 gold

  • This book give you 2 skill points


The Arch-Mage’s Boon – Level 50

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Given by Shalidor after completing The Mad God’s Bargain

Reward: 302 gold, ability to access Eidetic Memory, which grant you the ability to view every book you have read (in addition to the lorebooks in Shalidor’s Library)



A City in Black – Level 37

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Given by Evermore Guards around the city


Reward: Mourning Sash, 502 gold


Imperial Infiltration – Level 37

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Given by Queen Arzhela after completing A City in Black

Reward: Greaves of Evermore, 313 gold


Leading the Stand – Level 37

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Given by a Strange Crow after completing Imperial infiltration

Reward: 62 gold

A Grave Matter – Level 37

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Quest giver is Llotha Nelvani


Here are the hints given


Joelle’s Last Name

  • Can’t be Moret or Chauvry since these two are already taken. It is either Lavergne or Rernis. (Lavergne is the right answer)

What was Olivia’s profession

  • Guymund is the priest (always willing to assist the unfortunate), Moret is a thief (Whose life was testament to the fact that brains and brawn are not the only path to success), Joelle is a warrior, and William is a Mage (whose worldliness was matched only by his loyalty to to his friends). So Olivia has to be the Thief since it is the only first name not used.

What was William’s last name and profession?

  • Rernis and he was the mage

Reward: 125 gold

Conflicted Emotions – Level 37

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Quest given is Zaag in the basement of Dragonstar Caravan Company


Recover Arnitole’s Happiness

  • Take a swing at Buttons who is standing next to it. This will kill Buttons

Recover Arnitole’s Sadness

  • Go through the portals, there are 4 sets of 2. If you get it wrong just go to the other portal next time.

Recover Arnitole’s Fear

  • You will find it running around in the marked area, take a swing at it to get it to stop

Reward: Merciless Longsword, 313 gold


Beyond the Call – Level 37

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Quest giver is Captain Eugien Gaercroft


Reward: Cuirass of the Defender, 313 gold


Destroying the Dark Witness – Level 38

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Given by Wyress Delphique after completing Beyond the Call

Reward: 63 gold

Viridian Woods/Kerbol’s Hollow/Troll’s Toothpick

The Will of the Woods – Level 37 – Viridian Woods

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Given by Wyress Demara


Find the Voice of the Forest


Reward: Sentinel’s Longbow, 502 gold


Freedom’s Chains – Level 38 – Kerbol’s Hollow

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Quest giver is Renoit Leonciele


Reward: Chausses of the Cured, 510 gold


Troll’s Dessert – Level 38 – Troll’s Toothpick

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Quest giver is Gluineth


Reward: A Bent Silver Ring, 127 gold


Jackdaw Dove

Heart of Evil – Level 38

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Given by Wyress Freyda after completing Destroying the Dark Witness

Reward: Robe of Nature’s Fury, 510 gold


The Parley – Level 38

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Quest given by Wyress Rashan after completing Heart of Evil

Reward: The Negotiator, 318 gold 1 Skill point


The Last Spriggan – Level 38

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Quest giver is Wyress Shannia


Reward: Wyrd Moccasins, 255 gold


Rendezvous at the Pass – Level 40

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Given by High King Emeric after completing The Parley

Reward: 65 gold

Halcyon Lake

Mistress of the Lake – Level 37

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Quest giver is Herald Kixathi


Reward: 313 gold

Sunken Knowledge – Level 38

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Given by the Herald if you decide to help her instead of the Nereid

Reward: Skystaff of Secrets, 255 gold


Murcien’s Hamlet/Torog’s Spite

Claim to Fame – Level 37 – Torog’s Spite

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Given by a Letter from Historian Maaga inside Torog’s Spite mini dungeon


The Charge of Evermore – Level 39 – Murcien’s Hamlet

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Quest giver is Squire Theo Rocque


Search inside the homes for Medya

  • You will find a note inside this house


Reward: Foe-Smasher, 323 gold


Martyr’s Crossing/Pelin Graveyard/Crypt of Exiles

The Walking Darkness – Level 39

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Quest giver is Lort the Gravedigger


Find a way into the church

  • There is a key buried near the tree in the back


Destroy Preinrha

  • You have to destroy the orbs that are coming to heal him. Destroying them will allow them to heal you instead

Reward: Crozier of St.Pelin, 518 gold


Raiders at the Crossing – Level 40

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Given by Crazy Eye


Reward: Saint Pelin Leggings, 328 gold


A Favor Between Kings – Level 40

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Quest is obtained from Orders from Knight-Commander Varaine


Reward: Exiles’ Legacy, 65 gold


Fallen Grotto/Bangkorai Garrison

We Live in Fear – Level 39

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Quest giver is Turshan-dar


Reward: 259 gold

The Heart of the Beast – Level 40

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Quest giver is Wyress Linnae


Defeat Hircine’s Aspect of Speed

  • Follow the paw prints and you should find the wolf spirit


Defeat Hircine’s Aspect of Strength

  • Sneak and you will find yellow prints which will lead you to the bear spirit


Defeat Hircine’s Aspect of Guile


Reward: Hircine’s Boon, 328 gold


Storming the Garrison – Level 40

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Obtained from High King Emeric


Reward: Greatshield of Bangkorai, 1 Skill Point, 328 gold


Striking Back – Level 42

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Quest given by High King Emeric after completing Storming the Garrison

Reward: Ring of the Fallen Wastes, 135 gold


Sunken Road

Present in Memory– Level 40

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Quest giver is Herminius Sophus


Reward: A Cheap Trinket, 263 gold


Publish or Perish – Level 40

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Obtained from Herminius Sophus after completing Present in Memory


Return to Herminus Sophus (he is in the same spot as when you gotten the quest)

Reward: 65 gold

Nilata Ruins

A Marriage in Ruins– Level 41

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Quest giver is Najan


Reward: Anexiel’s Thorax, 532 gold


To Aid the Enemy – Level 41

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Quest given by Caesonia


Reward: 66 gold

Back in Time – Level 40

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Given by Gahgdar inside Rubble Butte


Reward: Timeless Braided Cord, 131 gold


Hallin’s Stand

Hallin’s Burden – Level 41

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Quest giver is Ayma


Reward: 266 gold

The Lion’s Den – Level 41

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Given by Yarah after turning in Hallin’s Burden

Reward: Boots of the Seventh Legion, 266 gold


A Thirst for Revolution – Level 41

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Quest given by Ufa after completing The Lion’s Den

Find Captain Dhakir’s Men

  • Go to the middle of the circle and you will find some marked NPCs on your compass who will talk to you.


Reward: Hallin’s War Belt, 532 gold


The Shifting Sands of Fate – Level 41

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Given by Ufa after completing A Thirst for Revolution

Reward: Staff of Secundus, 266 gold


Qharroa Ruins

Tongues of Stone – Level 41

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Given by Lady Clarisse Laurent


Get information about ruins from the hermit

  • The answer you are looking for is “air”


Razak’s Wheel/Onsi’s Breath

The Mystery of Razak – Level 40 – Razak’s Wheel

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Quest giver is Imperial Researhcer (dead)


The Covenant Infiltrator – Level 40 – Razak’s Wheel

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Quest giver is Damrina


Rising Against Onsi’s Breath – Level 42

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Quest giver is Rahannal who will run up to you when you are in the area.


Reward: Seventh Legion Gauntlets, 337 gold


Damar Farmstead

The Returned – Level 41

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Quest giver is Hamill


Reward: Scorched Shoulderpads, 332 gold


Old Tower/Klathzgar

Urenenya’s Lament– Level 41 – Klathzgar

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Quest giver is Pelorrah’s Research Notes


Reward: Klathzgar’s Fingergloves, 266 gold


A Handful of Stolen Dreams– Level 41

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Given by Jean-Jacques Alois


Reward: Token of Gratitude, 133 gold


Scavenging for a Scarab– Level 41

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Quest giver is Mazrahil the Scarab


Reward: The Scarab’s Sting, 266 gold


A Token Trophy – Level 41

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Quest given by Captain Wardush


You can find Captain Helenus here


Reward: Helenus’ Helm, 133 gold


Hall of Heroes

Trials and Tribulations – Level 42

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Quest giver is High King Emeric


Return Frandar’s Scrolls (look into your inventory to read the scrolls)

  • Mastery of Sacrifice – Winter
  • Mastery of Wisdom – Fall
  • Mastery of Devotion – Summer
  • Mastery of Discipline – Spring
  • Solution: Discipline –> Devotion –> Wisdom –. Sacrifice (from left to right)


Light the Braziers in the proper colors

  • They go in a circle like this


Bring the correct sword to Makela Leki

  • Select the Simply Training Sword


Reward: Heroes’ Hatchet, 337 gold


To Walk on Far Shores – Level 42

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Quest given by Keeper of the Hall after completing Trial and Tribulations

Reward: Shore’s Edge, 1 Skill Point, 270 gold


Messages Across Tamriel – Level 43

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Quest given by High King Emeric after completing To Walk on Far Shores

Reward: 342 gold

The Weight of Three Crowns

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Quest given by Vanus Galerion after completing Messages Across Tamriel

Reward: 548 gold

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