Fashion and beauty tree logos pictures

Hi Gals,

This is going to be an interesting topic. I don’t know how many of you are fashion and beauty tree logos pictures aware and have actually experienced the Duplicate Cosmetics products. Honestly I was not aware that the fake products of the big brands available in market, till the time I got very informative mail from my yahoo group. I am member of one of the yahoo group where all member share very nice, informative mails within the group. So one day I got mail from my group saying that “Fake cosmetics products available in market”.. the subject itself was very shocking that I just couldn’t stop myself.. Through mail I came to know that there are duplicate products available in market for the big brands in cheap price.. was definitely shock as I had never come across such fact or situation coz I always buy my cosmetics stuff from Shoppers Stop, Beauty Shop, Life Style, Inorbit… so no need to worry about duplicate products…

But still it was in my mind that is it really true… so I decided to search for such products.. definitely I was not supposed to get any duplicate products in any big malls… so I thought to check in small shops around the kandivali and Borivali markets.. the main challenge for me was How I will find that the product is duplicate.. what are the signs.. but fortunately I need not think more on that coz I went to one shop at borivali (will not disclose the name), it was ok-ok shop.. I mean not very big and not very small.. I went inside and was just looking at the cosmetics products.. and BINGO.. there I found products from MAC… it was first shock coz till I know MAC products are only available in 4-5 stores in Mumbai… I asked him to show me MAC products.. they had everything eye shadow, eye liner, pencil liner, base, gloss from MAC.. there was dis shadow palette.. I asked the price and got second shock: IT IS OF ONLY ONLY ONLY Rs. 275.. have you ever heard MAC 6 shadow palette just in 275.. huh..

Unfortunately I couldn’t took the picture of the stock they have for MAC.. but I tried to get info on why they selling MAC products at very cheap rates.. there were 2 males and 1 female sales executive and to my good luck the owner of the shop was not there.. so I tried to became more friendly with the girl to get the info on the products.. she said its duplicate.. to communicate more I showed surprise to them that I am not aware of such thing.. and the poor girl said arey ma’am har products ka duplicate milta he.. we were talking more on that and mean while the other 2 SE also jumped in our conversation.. I said y u selling duplicates it may be harmful to skin, do you knw what ingredients it have… one of the SE was very smart and he replied “arey nahi ma’am ye duplicates nahi, ye to custom me se nikala he is liye cheap me bech rahe he”.. so I understood dat its duplicate but this guys will absolutely not reveal the truth.. and I bought this palette to do more research and left that shop…

Here is 3rd shock what I got… after coming home with duplicate shadow palette, I went to MAC site to check this product so that I can find the difference.. and I got BIG SHOCK.. they don’t have any such product…

Images of the Duplicate shadow palette…

This MAC eye shadow palette which I bought Rs. 275… shocked na…

Fake MAC Fake MAC

The cover (box) image.. just closely look to the circled area..

Below is the correct logo of MAC.. if you compare both the logos you will not find any difference.


And here is the photo of palette

Fake MAC Fake MAC

This image is of shadow palette… and if you closely look at the circled area you will find the difference between the real logo and this duplicate logo..

The eye shadow

Fake MAC Fake MAC Fake MAC Fake MAC


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