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WinShape Camps for Girls one-week overnight camp at Young Harris is a one-week overnight camp experience for girls that have completed grades 1-8.

Are you ready for the greatest, most exciting week of your life? Well, come on up to Young Harris, Georgia! You’ll love hanging out with new friends and participating in countless Skills and activities that will help you grow physically, mentally and spiritually all week long. From sports to arts and crafts; Bible study, worship and more… There’s something for everyone at WinShape Camps.
Camper Groups
Campers are randomly divided into three Clubs with all grades represented, so you will always be a member of your Club each summer you come back. You’ll get to live with members of your own Club in awesome, suit-style dorm rooms. You’re going to love learning, laughing, worshipping and participating in new Skills and activities all week long at WinShape Camps.
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Upon completing registration, you will be notified of your Club assignment in the Spring!



If you ever wanted to have the skills of Robin Hood, this is the perfect place to start! In Archery, we learn how to hold the bow, proper shooting stance, aiming techniques, and whistle commands. Our skill instructors make safety and fun a priority as they teach the fundamentals combined with archery games. (All grades)

New in 2016!


W-I-N-S-H-A-P-E! What’s that spell!? WINSHAPE! Yeah! Girls, let’s get excited as we grab our megaphones and pom-poms and jump into a new routine this summer. (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!

Corner Cafe

Are you looking for a cozy atmosphere, a place where you can laugh, learn, and share? Grab a cup of coffee, cocoa, or lemonade and relax as we discuss "Spoken For", written by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke. (Completed grades 6–8 only)

New in 2016!


So you think you want to dance? Grab your dancing shoes and meet us on the dance floor to groove along as we learn different styles of dance and laugh our way through some smooth moves! (All Grades)

New in 2016!

Digital Photography

Want to expand your photography skills beyond Instagram? Then grab your camera and join us as we take a trip around campus to capture some great photos. We’ll summer focus on photo composition, indoor and outdoor pictures, and action shots.

New in 2016!

Drawing & Painting

Artists! This is a fun, relaxed, and creative Skill where you can explore some different ways of creating 2D works of art. You will draw from things you see and use your active imaginations to create some wonderful drawings and paintings that you can be proud to show. Get those creative juices flowing as you prepare to master the many techniques of drawing and painting! (All Grades)

New in 2016!

Fashion Design

Do you love the world of fashion? Have you ever wished you could create your own fashion line? By learning the essentials of sewing, you may be taking your first step toward designing your own fashionista wardrobe! It all begins with a needle and thread. So come join in on the fabric fun as we work on designing a piece of clothing from start to finish. (Completed grades 6–8 only)

New in 2016!

Field Games

Do you love sunshine? Games? Competition? Then Field Games is for you! Get ready to put a creative twist on some of the traditional field games that you love. From wacky, wet, wild Kickball to a new and improved version of soccer, you’ll be sure to play an assortment of games you will want to repeat all summer long! (All Grades)

New in 2016!


Do you want help establishing a regular exercise routine? Do you enjoy learning about nutrition and health? Well, it looks like you came to the right place! Step on up for some fun doing yoga, Pilates, weight training, and cardio. Our new fitness room will be a great place to start learning about being the healthiest YOU! You may get a little sweaty, but exercising in the WinShape Nation is sure to be the most fun exercise you will ever do! (Completed grades 6–8 only)

New in 2016!

Girl World

Imagine tea parties, fashion shows, and all the little things girls dream of. You will find it all here in Girl World! So bring your imagination and let’s paint nails, create our own princess accessories, walk the runway, and show off our GIRL Power in Girl World! (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!


Do you love to roll, tumble and flip? Then gymnastics is the place for you! Get ready to learn the basics of gymnastics while jumping off the vault, balancing on the beam, and tumbling on the mats. Olympics, here we come! (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!

Hand Crafts

Do beads, glue and tie-dye turn you into a creative genius? Then this is the skill for you! Get ready to experience creative bliss! Join us in cutting, gluing, and painting some of the most unique hand crafts to be found. Decorate your creations with your own club colors and show your Club pride! (All Grades)

New in 2016!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Let’s journey over to the rock wall in the WinShape Nation! Here, we’ll teach you the basics as you prepare to climb your way across the world. Get ready to climb to new heights! You’ll be sure to build trust as you lean on your teammates for help and encouragement as you all have the time of your lives! (All Grades)

New in 2016!

Musical Theatre

Lights! Camera! Action! Join us on stage and experience all the theatre has to offer – acting, singing, and staging! You will learn more about the components of musical theatre and have your very own part in our Final Show! Look out High School Musical, it’s a WinShape Musical! (All Grades)

New in 2016!

Outdoor Living

If you enjoy being out in God’s creation, and breathing deeply of fresh, clean air, there is no better Skill to take! Get excited about embarking on a new adventure in which you will not only learn about camping techniques, but also some outdoor education elements that will be sure to bring excitement and a better understanding of the world around you! Grab your compass, prepare your pack, and let’s get outdoors! (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!

Rollin’ Rollin’

Why always walk around campus when you can roll instead? Learn how to roller blade as we cruise down the sidewalks, skate figure eights, and play super fun roller games! Strap on those elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets and let’s get rollin’! (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!

Sew Much Fun

Learn the essentials of needlework and your first steps toward designing your own fashionista wardrobe!

New in 2016!

Splash Zone

Are you ready for the Splash Zone? Before you answer, know this: when you enter the Splash Zone, you will definitely get wet! Take a break from the hot summer sun and cool off with some crazy water games! From an awesome slip ‘n slide to water balloons and water guns, you’re definitely not going to want to miss this! (Completed grades 6–8 only)

New in 2016!

Splish Splash

Put on your swimsuits and come join us for a break from the hot summer sun! You’ll enjoy getting to cool off with some wild and crazy water games. Get ready for fun gliding down the slip ‘n slide, tossing water balloons to your friends, and competing in some fun water games! You will definitely get wet, so don’t forget your towel! (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!

Sweet Shoppe

Mmmm....can you smell that? If you love baking, or just love desserts, then follow that sweet aroma to the Sweet Shoppe. In this Skill, we will be making, decorating, and sampling some of the most scrumptious sweets you can imagine. So come on over and have a WinShape sweet time at the WinShape Sweet Shoppe! (All Grades)

New in 2016!


Ready for the WinShape Open? Count me in! You will learn the basics of the game, including backhand and forehand swings, volleys, and serves. Advanced campers will work on footwork and stroke technique. There will be play time at the end of each Skill when you can put into practice those newly-formed skills. Grab your tennis racket and let’s get swinging! (All Grades)

New in 2016!

Wacky Science

Do you enjoy creating crazy concoctions, experimenting, and even causing minor explosions? If you love learning about science, then step into our WinShape laboratory where you will learn in a safe, fun environment! Grab your lab coat, safety goggles, and gloves! It’s going to be a wacky ole time! (Completed grades 1–5 only)

New in 2016!

Camp Schedule

(Grades 1-5) Daily Line Up

(Grades 6-8) Daily Line Up

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Our Facilities

Our camp facilities are safe, fun and fully equipped for the summer of a lifetime – no matter where your WinShape Camps experience takes you!

The Rock

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This is kind of like the cornerstone of camp. Get it? Cornerstone? The Rock? Anyway, this is where we kick-off camp each week at our Camp Kick Off Party! We jam all sorts of other memorable moments into The Rock with Skills such as Indoor Rock Climbing, Sweet Shoppe, Gymnastics, and Cheerleading. Also, the basketball court is transformed into our Rec! arena each day where your Club will participate in some serious (and seriously fun) competitive games.

The Clubhouse

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The Clubhouse is where all of our campers sleep and hang-out during the week at camp. “Club Pride” covers each wall and winds all the way through each floor! The Clubhouse is probably the most important place on campus, because this is where you’ll talk and laugh and really get to know your new friends at camp. Also, Time Square is located right in front of the Clubhouse, and you are going to LOVE meeting there before and after your Skills each day!

The Auditorium

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We jump, we sing, we shout... and sometimes we just go crazy in the Auditorium! Our Worship Team makes the most of all the lights and sounds the Auditorium has to offer as they lead us in worship every morning during “Jump Start.”


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