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Each Studio takes a post-disciplinary approach to practice, where tools, techniques, media and methods are appropriated and adopted in response to the demands of a project. The studios will help build collaborative and material skills through project based learning where collective investigation is design carried out alongside both faculty and visiting experts.

The Studio structure allows the programme to adapt over time in response to the changing nature of the design field and the world around us. Therefore the Studio offering is subject to change. The following is an indicative list of studios offered in 2019/20. You should motivate your application through a first and second choice from this set of Studios:

Communication & Experience

This studio focuses on investigation and communication, acknowledging a clear interdependency between 'content' (that being investigated) and 'container' (the exploration of the means of communication). Following an interpretative or curatorial process, we encourage the exploration of new formats and languages of communication using all means and media, through an interplay of space, objects, film, comics, gaming, language, graphics, etc. The work we support seeks to engage with the public, not as audience, but as co-respondents, co-authors and co-inspirators.

Fashions & Embodiment

This studio facilitates conversations between making and unmaking, global and local, ethics and aesthetics, object and system, bodies and clothes. We challenge accepted boundaries and perceptions to explore fashion as a mode of collective agency. This requires questioning the relationship between fashion and consumption and generating knowledge and approaches that foster the transformative capacities of fashion and dress. We aim to broaden and reposition fashion practice through rethinking the relationships between garment, image, text, body and context to explore innovative ways of thinking, making and doing fashion.

Innovation & Service

This studio reaches out to emerging areas of design to draw together new forms of knowledge and processes that shape the future of innovation, and the practices that constitute it. We explore how service design can empower society, from the individual citizen to larger organisations that make up our social and cultural worlds. We debate issues of responsibility in innovation, encouraging design as a creatively aware practice. The studio embraces both strategic & ‘grassroots’ approaches to design, stakeholder involvement in innovation, the value of team work & understanding relationships, design tools for asking questions, raising complexities and framing problems.

Interactions & Engagement

This studio encourages practice through deep engagement with sites, people, infrastructure, technologies and policy. We build on issues and insights generated by in situ experiments to test new behaviour and to understand opportunities for further intervention. Then we make responsive and resolved outcomes that support debate and enable novel perspectives. We draw upon material from Interaction Design, Co-Design and Science & Technology Studies, and understand that designs emerge through collaboration with publics as well as practitioners from relevant fields.

Spaces & Participation 

This studio locates design, in an active and transformative capacity, within complex spatial-political networks. We focus on ‘ways of acting’ within systems of control, exploring relations between the physicality of space, people and use that begin to negotiate and shape behaviours, and (inter) actions in responsive and innovative ways - from the personal and intimate to architectural and planetary. We embrace the complexities of contested spaces, often hidden behind a language of efficiency, improvement and regulation to explore power relations in the arrangements and movements of the systems and structures we inhabit. 

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