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When it comes to fragrances I don't stick to one particular category of scent (gourmand, floral, chypre etc) so anytime any new perfume comes out, I'm always super excited to try it out because like most folk in here, I'm scent-obsessed. I remember seeing the advert for 'Candy' on television when it first came out and immediately knew exactly how it would smell: sweet, sugary, almost edible.

And I was right. I actually bought it without even bothering to test it first, which is probably pretty stupid, considering how much a large bottle costs; but when I got it home and opened it, I was really happy to find that it smelled exactly how I wanted/expected it to. I love vanilla scents and have a variety of them, from all price points, ranging from the creamy to the biscuity to the candy-floss-tastic. 'Candy' was a more mature, less sickly-sweet, sophisticated take on the vanilla/sugar/caramel notes.

I spritzed it on my neck, chest and wrist and immediately asked the other half what he thought, to which he said "Mmmm...vanilla...nice...very faint though." Which I thought was a bit of a let down because I'd only just applied it. I'm not averse to absolutely drenching myself in a fragrance if it's particularly mild or has poor staying power, so when I wore it to work the next day I think I used a good half a centimeter's worth of the stuff up, making sure every inch of my skin and clothing has been spritzed with the stuff.

It didn't bother me that I couldn't really smell it much myself when I was sat at my desk, because I know that it's very easy for your own nose to become so accustomed to a fragrance that you stop noticing it. But when I asked the girl sat next to me what she thought, she said she could barely smell it. Which was a bit of a bummer considering the £60+ price tag. Over the next week though, I started to layer the scent by using a cocoa butter shower creme and body lotion first - both which have a lightly sweet fragrance themselves - and then spritzing the perfume on my moisturised skin. It definitely helped to cement the scent onto my person and I could get the odd waft of it throughout the day, so I was happy.

Because I was using quite a lot of it with each application, I was halfway through it in no time. So I retired it until last autumn and yet again had to layer it with other stuff first, but still ended up using it up really quickly. I bought a new bottle of it earlier this year, but was really disappointed to find that it wasn't the same. It now smells like a cheaper fragrance. There seems to be less clarity, the notes smell more artificial and a bit washed out. For a perfume that was already very light and lacking in staying power, this was not good news. I tried the layering thing to see if that would help, but in the end I found that in order to make it actually smell anything like the way I wanted it to, I had to roll some vanilla oil onto my skin first. So I've got this cheapy little roll-on that cost me £3 on eBay carrying this smell which I think came in at about £70 the second time around.

So yeah, I'm not a happy bunny. I won't be buying it again. I don't even know how they can reconcile the price tag against what is essentially a weak, barely detectable, cheap smelling sugar water. If sweet smelling, ever-so-slightly-edible-ish scents are your thing and you're considering buying 'Candy', do yourselves a favour and go with a vanilla fragrance from the Body Shop or one of the toffee/caramel ones from Demeter instead. Way better value for money and much better staying power. Oh, and guys love them both on a chick too...which is nice!


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