Old fashion farm collies at appleyard farms


Millie (Left and Center photo) is a quiet, easy going 4 year-old. She has really blossomed in her workability, learning to herd goats and chickens. She is never overly aggressive with the livestock, and has a deep desire to please her owners. Millie has a great deal of intelligence and sense; distinguishing between who's welcome on her property and who's not.

Rex (Right photo) also has a calm, kind disposition. We believe he is an Anatolian Shepherd/Lab mix. He is a very large, powerful dog, and his temperament makes him wonderful for family and farm life. He belongs to a family with six kids; he plays well with the children and has good guardian instincts with them appleyard and the livestock.

We believe this combination has the potential to produce excellent dogs for nearly any situation. Ideal living for these dogs would be as family watchdogs, livestock guardians, or calm companions.

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