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Bhad Bhabie's got fresh beef on her hands after going off on Iggy Azalea at a Hollywood Party, savagely attacking her... with a full drink! Yeah, she hasn't come that far from her Dr. Phil days.

We got video of Bhabie (nee Danielle Bregoli) going nuclear on Iggy Wednesday night inside Boulevard3 in Hollywood. You can tell she was ready to pounce because the second she saw Iggy, she unloaded a full cup of clear liquid.

It was immediate bedlam -- Iggy's crew started jawing back and Bhabie's security held her back. They couldn't stop her from running her mouth, though. It's great video... when you remember this is a 15-year-old attacking a 28-year-old.

The beef apparently started because Iggy talked smack on social media, saying who would even go to one of Bhabie's shows. Of course, Danielle fired back, Iggy should so she could remember what a sold-out show looks like (quality burn, there).

Bhabie was still fired up when we, uh... caught her outside, and she insisted "ain't nobody worried about that fkin' hoe!!"

As for Iggy -- this is gonna sound weird -- but she was totally the adult. Seeming unfazed, she said she hopes it wasn't alcohol Bhabie threw because "she's a little kid." She also insinuated Bhabie's age is the only thing saving her from a can of whoopass. Hmmm... who's your money on?

Sidenote: This all went down at Cardi B's Fashion Nova event. Something tells us, Cardi would give this beef her stamp of approval.

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Dream Kardashian clearly doesn't buy into the terrible twos theory... not after having a magical birthday to celebrate.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and the rest of the brood threw an impressive birthday party for Rob and Blac Chyna's kid... though we're guessing BC was nowhere in sight (more on that in a sec).

There was also a LOT to snack on. Seriously... check out the spread. The fairy-themed party had it all -- 2 fairies, a teepee, tons of balloons... and even a shiny Bentley.

As for Chyna... she wasn't there, and that's not surprising. She and Rob do NOT get along, even though they've managed to co-parent. A year ago, they threw dueling birthday parties for Dream. They're also locked in a bitter fight over child support. For now, the judge has suspended Rob's obligation to pay Chyna k a month.  

Rob's asking for a substantial reduction, and it's not out of the question Chyna could end up paying Rob since she's making a lot of money and they're sharing 50/50 joint custody. 

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Kevin Hart is one of the world's highest-earning celebs with nearly million in 2018... but even he has to pull Instagram hubby duties.

The comedian and his wife, Eniko, hit up a luxury resort in Punta Mita, Mexico... where their star-studded party included the likes of Ludacris and IndyCar driver Marco Andretti. But, it's pretty damn clear the show belonged to Eniko.

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Good times with Great people!!!!!

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on Nov 11, 2018 at 4:52pm PST

Kevin made sure he got all the right angles... a responsibility every boyfriend/husband ought to take seriously while on vacay with bae. For Kevin and Eniko, this vacation's come full circle.

Remember, the couple hit up Cabo in July 2017... when she was about 6 months pregnant with their first child. She later gave birth to Kenzo Kash, whose first birthday is next week.

It's a good bet Kevin and Eniko will be back in the states just in time to celebrate. 

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Derrick Rose was feelin' himself Wednesday night -- 'cause after he dropped 31 on the Lakers at Staples Center, the NBA star grabbed his lady and hit one of the hottest clubs in town. 

The 30-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves star -- along with Alaina Anderson -- strolled into Warwick on Sunset Blvd. like they were ready to celebrate. 

The only problem... the Timberwolves lost 114-110 and Rose missed a potential game-winning shot in the final minute of the 4th quarter. 

So, why so happy? 

Because for the most part, THE OLD D-ROSE IS BACK!!

Remember, dude put up a 50 burger on Halloween -- showing real flashes of his MVP season back in 2010-11. 

The fact he had another big game against LeBron's Lakers -- including going 7 for 9 in 3-point range -- is a pretty big deal. He also had 5 assists. 

So, hey -- CELEBRATE! Just win next time. 

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Backpack Kid can now shine a little more when he busts out the floss... shine a LOT more, actually.

BK -- government name, Russell Horning -- commissioned the guys over at The Icebox in Atlanta to make him some sick, new bling. The Icebox more than delivered with this stunning gold and diamond backpack (how fitting) pendant. It features 673 round, brilliant-cut diamonds... which weighs almost 10 freakin' carats!!!

The pendant also features 40 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. It also has a hinge at the bottom, so it opens and closes to reveal Backpack Kid's name engraved on the inside.

And, to further prove how phenomenally successful the kid's become since his dance went viral... BK dropped around k for the new bling and a Miami Cuban link chain.

Not sure what's been more awesome for Backpack Kid... the pendant, thisthis or this

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Just days after filing for divorce, Larsa Pippen hit the Hollywood scene looking... GOTTDAMN!!!!!

Decked out in a skintight, short, boob-revealing black dress... the 44-year-old hit Hailey Baldwin's PrettyLittleThing launch party Monday night at Catch in West Hollywood. 

As we previously reported, Larsa has called it quits with her longtime NBA husband, Scottie Pippen, after 21 years of marriage... but both sides insist it's a peaceful split. 

Our sources tell us... both sides recognized the marriage wasn't working anymore and Larsa felt it was best to divorce so she can be open to meeting new people. 

Larsa hasn't exactly been hiding out in her basement since the breakup -- she turnt up at Kendall Jenner's Halloween party last week in a super sexy costume. 

The message here is clear... Larsa's ready for her new chapter -- bombshell bachelorette.  

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Joakim Noah's model girlfriend Lais Ribeiro was so damn hot in her thong bikini in Malibu this weekend -- we barely noticed the beach was littered with a ton of HUGE stars!!

Seriously... everyone from John McEnroe to Kenny Chesney and Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber were hanging out at Laird Hamilton's pad for a Sunday funday. 

But, all eyes were on Joakim and Lais... for obvious reasons. 

Joakim was waived by the Knicks last month -- and while they lost to the Washington Wizards that day, Noah was having a much better time. 

Lais is one of the top lingerie models in the world and will be walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show later this week. 

She famously rocked the MILLION fantasy bra at the 2017 show in China -- which Joakim could easily afford, considering he's made more than 1 MILLION playing pro basketball. 

Unclear how long Joakim and Lais have been an item -- but they were reportedly spotted out clubbing back in September and have grown closer ever since. 

In fact, they spent Halloween together and even had themed costumes -- he was Aquaman and she was Storm. 


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Diddy's birthday celebrations got so out of control over the weekend, police had to shut down a wild rager at the music mogul's mansion. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ... police received multiple calls around 2 AM Monday for a disturbance at Diddy's L.A. home, and when cops arrived, they spoke to security and told them to call it off. 

Before throwing an epic rager, Diddy had another party for his 49th bday at Ysabel in West Hollywood... where he celebrated with LeBron James, Usher, Wiz KhalifaKodak Black and tons of other celebs. 

Check out the vid... Kodak tries to pull a fast one and sneak a drink out of the club, but he gets caught red-handed. 

Seems the after-party spilled over to Diddy's and, as you can image, it was the place to be... we're told there were about 50 cars parked outside his home, and about 200 people inside in full party mode.

Things went pretty smoothly once cops showed up... police told security to shut it down or they would have to enter and disperse the crowd, and the guards obliged.

It was a hell of a Sunday for Diddy... before partying on land, he went skydiving and touched down at the Playboy Mansion!

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Kendall Jenner got turnt for her BD Saturday night... rockin' some birthday paraphernalia on the streets of NYC, with best bud Bella Hadid along with Tyler, the Creator, and then going to a friend's apartment where everyone cut loose.

Kendall is in the middle of a full-blown 23rd birthday weekend celebration.  

Check out the video. Everyone was having a super fun time, but it didn't end there. They left and hit up the Sing Sing Karaoke bar until the wee hours of the morning.

She actually had a few moments of anonymity earlier in the day, when she tooled around on a Citi Bike in Soho.

We also found out on Thursday night in Philly, after the 76'er game, she and Ben Simmons hit up the Elbow Lane bowling alley.  

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When the Boston Red Sox hit an L.A. nightclub to celebrate their World Series title, they bought 169 bottles of champagne and left a 5,000 tip, TMZ Sports has confirmed. 

As we previously reported, the Sox hit up the Sunday party at Nightingale Plaza thrown by Made Nightlife powerhouse gym attire fashion where star players like Mookie Betts, Steve Pearce and J.D. Martinez turned it all the way up to celebrate beating the Dodgers.

We knew the total bill was around 0,000 -- but now we've seen fashion the itemized receipt and confirmed it's legit. 

The rundown... 

48 bottles of Dom. 43 bottles of Ace of Spades. 60 bottles of Moet. 5 bottles of Veuve. 12 bottles of Perrier-Jouet. And, a bottle of Cristal for good measure. 

On top of that, the guys also got bottles of Don Julio, Belvedere vodka, 11 bottles of Jameson and 17 bottles of Jack Daniels. 

All of the booze plus the tax and other fees added up to around 0k. The tip was around 5k... totaling an even 0,000 final bill. 

We're told someone with the team handled the bill.

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Heidi Klum's incredible Halloween party is like an onion -- it's got layers of awesomeness, baby -- starting with the fact she rocked an amazing "Shrek" costume... in front of Mike Myers!!!!

Klum used a team of makeup artists and prosthetics experts to put together a super detailed Princess Fiona getup... and after hours and hours of prep, the big reveal TOTALLY DELIVERED! 

Of course, Heidi's boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, went as Shrek -- and when Mike Myers (the VOICE of Shrek) turned up, they had to bring him in for a photo. 

The party was a huge hit -- with some guests even copping a feel of Fiona's giant fake boobs (with consent). 

It all went down at Lavo Nightclub in NYC -- with a crazy guest list that included everyone from Mel B to Ice-T to Neil Patrick Harris, Questlove and Zac Posen

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid went as Beetlejuice and Lydia. Kat Graham went as The Mask. Harry Connick Jr. trotted out his New Orleans Saints uniform.

There were sexy people. Scary people. And, funny people. 

And, while we LOVE Daymond John, dude went in a simple skeleton jumpsuit -- COME ON, MAN!!!! 

Gotta try harder next year!

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It's kinda terrifying... Halloween's officially behind us but luckily these celebs went all out for one last scary ass bash in 2018.

HalseyRihanna and Emily Ratajkowski are just a few of the celebs who brought their best on Halloween night. Halsey was a spooky, but very sexy, cheerleader when she hit up Delilah in WeHo. Emily was also there... and give her a damn hand 'cause she knocked it outta the park channeling her very sexy Raquel Welch.

RiRi was across the pond doing her thing... busting out Catwoman gear at Annabel's in London. Did we mention it was very sexy? The Weeknd and Bella Hadid killed with their couples outfit, and Fergie went full Pink Ranger.

Face it, some people just do Halloween better. And, sexier. Ask Heidi, if you don't know.

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The Boston Red Sox World Series celebration just took a major hit at the championship parade on Wednesday... after a rogue beer took out part of the Commissioner's Trophy!!

Boston fans let the beers fly through the air at the team's World Series parade ... and players caught and CHUGGED them.

But, one fan missed their target and hit the championship hardware right in one of the flags... denting it pretty badly. The trophy was riding with Mookie Betts at the time.

That's not all... one fan threw an open beer at manager Alex Cora... and the dude was clearly PISSED, stopping his duck boat to point out the potential culprit.

One man was arrested and charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, minor in possession of alcohol and disorderly conduct after throwing an unopened beer can at a boat for the hit on Cora.

Overall, there were 6 total arrests during the parade.

It wasn't all bad for the Sox, tho... guys like Blake Swihart, Matt Barnes, Craig Kimbrel and Rick Porcello were able to snag cans out of mid-air without incident... and you better believe they didn't let them go to waste.

This ain't nothin' new for fans in New England -- Rob Gronkowski famously did the same thing (while wearing a Minions hat) when the Patriots won it all in 2015.

What else would you expect from the world champs??

Originally Published -- 7:06 AM PDT

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