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This article is about the South Korean idol-singer from T-ara. For the South Korean idol-singer from f(x), see Luna (singer). For the South Korean actress, see Park Sun-young (actress).

This is a Korean name; the family name is Park.

Park Sun-young (born May 30, 1989),[1] known professionally as Hyomin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group T-ara. Apart from her group's activities, Hyomin has also starred in various television dramas such as My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010), Gye Baek (2011), The Thousandth Man (2012), Unusual Man and Woman (2017), also started in various films such as Gisaeng Ryung (2011) and Jinx! (2013). She debuted as a solo artist with her debut mini album, Make Up, on June 30, 2014.


1989–2011: Early life and career beginnings[edit]

Hyomin was born Park Sun-young on May 30, 1989, in Busan, South Korea, and is the only child in her family. In 1997, Hyomin's path to stardom started early when she won the MiMi Princess modeling contest at the age of 8.[citation needed] She was a famous internet ulzzang and even modeled for online shopping malls before debuting with T-ara.[2] She was a trainee under JYP Entertainment and was considered to be a replacement for Hyuna, who was a member of the Wonder Girls in 2007.[3] Before being cast by Core Contents Media, she started appearing in music videos, such as SS501's "Unlock", SG Wannabe's "Smooth Break-Up" and FT Island's "Heaven".

She was chosen by Core Contents Media to be featured in some of her labelmates' songs prior to her debut.[citation needed] This included Hwang Jung-eum, the Colour Pink project with Seeya, Davichi and Black Pearl.[citation needed] She has also performed on a music show with Seeya during their promotions for the song "Hot Girl".[citation needed]

Hyomin debuted in 2009 as member of T-ara. The group made their debuted stage on July 30 on the music program M Countdown with their single "Lie".

Hyomin was a fixed cast member of KBS' variety show, Invincible Youth from October 23, 2009 to December 24, 2010.[4]

In November 2009, Hyomin was cast in the musical production of I Really Really Like You,[5] an adaption of the hit drama Love Truly. Fellow member Jeon Bo-ram was cast in the same musical in December 2010 alongside her father Jeon Young-rok.[6]

In 2010, Hyomin was in the Wonder Women project group with label mates Seeya and Davichi, along with fellow member Ham Eun-jeong.[citation needed] She was featured on the soundtrack for SBS's drama Coffee House in 2010 and also collaborated with Brave Brothers for their digital single "Beautiful Girl" in 2011.[citation needed]

She starred in the drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox as Ban Sun-nyeo from August 11, 2010 to September 30.[7]

On June 14, 2011, Core Contents Media announced that Hyomin would take over leadership as T-ara's third leader for their comeback album, John Travolta Wannabe, and Japanese promotions. She later passed on her leadership to fellow member, Park So-yeon.[8]

Hyomin made her big screen debut in the horror film Gisaeng Ryung, which was released on August 4, 2011.[9]

2012–2013: Acting career and T-ara N4[edit]

Hyomin at 'Jinx' movie premiere, 2014

In 2012, Hyomin was cast in the musical "Our Youth Roly-Poly" along with group members Park Ji-yeon and Park So-yeon. Hyomin was also cast in the Chinese version of We Got Married, in which her partner is Fu Xinbo, a Chinese idol. Hyomin was cast in a supporting role in the MBC's fantasy sitcom The Thousandth Man.[10]

On February 10, 2013, Hyomin was cast in a lead role in the Japanese film Jinx!.[11]

In April 2013, Hyomin along with T-ara member Eunjung, Jiyeon and former member Areum formed a subgroup called T-ara N4,[12] releasing their first mini-album titled Jeon Won Diary.

2014–present: Solo debut[edit]

Hyomin released her solo extended plays Make Up with lead single "Nice Body" on June 30. She made her official debuted stage on July 3 on Mnet's M! Countdown. Hyomin released another single titled "Fake It" on July 20.[citation needed]

Hyomin pre-release single Still on March 14, 2016. Her second extended plays Sketch with double lead single "Sketch" and "Gold" on March 17.[citation needed]

In January 2018, Hyomin left MBK Entertainment after her contract ended.[13] Her intention is to continue promoting with T-ara in the future.[14]

In May 2018, Hyomin joined Sublime Artist Agency to pursue her solo career in South Korea and China.[15][16][17]

Other work[edit]

Fashion design[edit]

During T-ara's "Roly-Poly" promotions in June 2011, Hyomin designed her own stage costume, which flaunted a retro pattern and short shorts that were popular during the period.[18]

Hyomin launched an exclusive clothing collection, in collaboration with celebrity stylist Kim Sung-il, for G-Market on June 4, 2012.[19] Hyomin has come up with a total of 150 products for the collection, and has been actively involved with the planning, designing, and product launch preparations for the shop.[citation needed]

In 2016, Hyomin also became the face of Brave Brothers brand new makeup brand, "Brave i" and filmed a CF.[citation needed]


See also: T-ara discography



Soundtrack appearances and solo performances[edit]

Other charted songs[edit]

Music videos[edit]

Year Music video Director Notes
2014 "Nice Body" Hyun Young Sung Original Version
Dance Version
2016 "Sketch" Tiger Cave Original Version
Sexy Version
Chinese Version
2018 "Mango" Seong Chang-won N/A



Year Title Role Notes Ref
2011 Gisaeng Ryung Yu-rin Main role [9][29]
2013 Jinx! Yoon Ji-ho Lead role [11]

Television series[edit]

Year Network Title Role Notes Ref
2010 SBS My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox Ban Sun-nyeo Supporting role [7][30]
2011 MBC Gye Baek Cho-young [31]
2012 The Thousandth Man Gu Mi-mo [10]
2015 Naver TVCast Sweet Temptation Hyo-jin Web Drama
2017 MBC Unusual Man & Woman Main Role [32][33]

Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Network Role Ref
2009–10 Invincible Youth 1 KBS Cast member
2012 We Got Married (Chinese version) MBC/SMG
2016 Master of Driving tcast TV Main Cast [34]
2017 Mix And The City JTBC Main Cast [35]


Year Title Role Ref
2009 I Really Really Like You Musical Hong Jung-hwa
2012 Our Youth, Roly Poly Musical Han Joo-young


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