Too late orologi moda 2019

I’ve come to believe that it’s never too late to start again.  Life is all about getting back up and trying again.  Thank heavens for that.  I heard  someone say today, “life is not standing on a mountain of successes, but rather a successful life is built upon a mountain of failures”.  Now you know what works and what doesn’t work and (hopefully) why.  In light of such, I’ve decided to try again.

When I first drafted Sycamore Rose my intent was to stitch along with each pattern presented.  But I soon found life and time running away from me and I ended up never getting it stitched.  This is a no-no as a designer.  Finished products are the best advertisement after all.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to dig out the pattern, update it, remove it from the shop, and offer it again as a free BOM.  Why?  Because for the hundredth time I’ve started it again and I’ve realized that I stitch best with a hard deadline.  I’ve been gifted many things over the last few years, and one of them is an appreciation for time.

But I’ve also come to value the real cost of quilting.  I’m no longer in the “Build my stash” stage as we are always moving and I hate to lug around tubs and tubs of fabric with every move.  So I’ve downsized my stash to the essentials and I’m happy.  When I buy fabric now, it’s with real intent to create a specific something, whatever that may be.  It’s labeled and stored so it can (hopefully) be easy to find.  I have most of my projects labeled with the material for that project gathered together in a bin.  I like it this way.  Though I have far to many WIP’s and UFO’s to be comfortable.

Still, this is where a little fun helps clear the shelves and make room for another project.  I think for a while I was addicted to starting things and never really cared or minded if I ever finished.  But now?  I guess I’ve had one too many birthdays and feel like I need to concentrate on finishing all the things I’ve started.  And first on my list is Sycamore Rose.

Now, to be fair, I’ve already got the first two blocks in progress, as seen here:

Block 1Block 2

Please excuse the poor lighting.

I’ve decided to use Moda Color Cuts in Daybreak, Sprouts & Lemon Drop.  They are heavenly.  I love just looking at them, so it’s a real treat to stitch with them (and to have had an excuse to buy them!).  I purchased Daybreak & Sprouts at Stitched with Love too late orologi moda 2019 quilt shop in McKinney, Texas while on a trip there.  That place is heavenly.  I absolutely adored this quilt shop.  Packed with fabric and gobs of fat quarters (Yes, I did indulge but bought only those I can use on this quilt) and really helpful women who work there.  I can’t wait to go back!  The Lemon Drop precuts I purchased online from Fat Quarter Shop, another shop I highly recommend.  And the background (a lovely trellis design I forgot to see who made it) I bought from Happiness is Quilting,  another great McKinney quilt store.

Please feel free to download, but if you’re going to share with friends & family, refer them back to to download their own copy.  Thank you!!







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