What to wear in new york in late november

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    Be prepared for the fashion of NYC’s nightlife. In NYC, dress codes at clubs are fairly common. The problem is that each area in NYC has it’s own distinct style. For the most basic way to get into any club, women should wear cute night dresses and heels; men should shoot for dress pants, solid colored button-down shirts, and a blazer. Of course, when you arrive, you could always scout out some of the clubs you want to go to or visit their website--if you don’t have what they want, it’s time to go shopping. Specific styles in different areas of NYC, as outlined by the New York Times include[6]:
    • Lower East Side: This area has more of a hipster vibe--lots of skinny denims (for guys and girls) paired with muted colors and natural fabrics.
    • The meatpacking district: Break out your 5-inch heels and classy, yet tiny, party dresses. Men should dress their best--blazers, dress shirts, unwrinkled dress pants, etc.
    • The East Village: Notes of punk and a bit of an edgier look inhabit the clothes of the East Village.
    • SoHo and NoLIta: According to some New Yorkers, you can get away with pretty much any type of fashion in these areas so long as you look fabulous doing it.
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    Dress to impress even if you aren’t going to clubs. If clubbing isn’t your thing, you will still have plenty of opportunities to dress your best. It’s important to pack some clothes that you look really nice in, be it for a fancy dinner or a night out on Broadway. Ladies, pack a couple lovely dresses and a pair of heels. Gentlemen, pack a suit or a nice dress shirt and slacks for that special evening out.

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    Wear comfortable shoes during the day. You will walking all over the place, and concrete can be pretty unforgiving. At the very least, bring two different pairs of comfortable shoes so that you can switch between the two every other day. Comfortable does mean that you have to forsake style--you can always orthopedics to the inside of your cute boots, flats, etc.[7]
    • If you will die if you don’t wear sandals, at least try to find some with a bit of arch support. Just keep in mind that the streets are pretty dirty--don’t be surprised if you end up with some dirt lines by the end of the day.
    • As stated above, if you plan on going out at night, bring some cute high heels. While they may be uncomfortable to walk in, they are required at some clubs.
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    Bring your wallet. As with every city, NYC is expensive. Depending on what you are doing while you visit, your tab may be higher or lower than other visitors. You can get a slice of pizza for as little as or you can drop 0 at one of New York City’s many foodie’s-heaven restaurants.[8]

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    Bring your camera. New York City has some of the most iconic scenes (like a picture in front of the Statue of Liberty for instance.) You will be kicking yourself if you forget to bring your camera with you.

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    Rock some sunglasses. If it's sunny, there are bound to be New Yorkers walking around wearing sunglasses. Don’t forget yours at home. Sunglasses also combat the brightness of sunlight reflecting off snow.

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    Bring a big bag. Women in New York carry big, fashionable purses during the day. If you are concerned about getting pick-pocketed, buy a big purse with a zipper. Lots of guys also carry messenger bags. However, leave the backpacks at home unless you are a high school student.[9]

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    Pack an umbrella. This is particularly important for fall and spring months but it's a pretty handy thing to have all year round. Summer tends to bring in thunderstorms, and winter is known for sleet. However, if you forget your umbrella, you will have about 1,001 options to choose from at street vendors’ stands.

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    Buy a map of New York City. Even if you don’t carry it around during the day for fear that you may get pegged as a tourist, it’s important to know where you’re going. Bring one to study during your down time or on the plane on the way there.[10]

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    Leave some extra space in your suitcase if you plan on shopping. If you love fashion, you are heading to the right city. NYC is all about fashion and you will have plenty of opportunities to indulge in some serious retail therapy. If you’re hoping to do some shopping, leave extra space in your suitcase so you can bring your purchases home with you.

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    Remember your essentials. While this isn't specific to New York City, it's always important to remember to bring your essentials. These include: underwear, bras, socks, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, any medications you may have, essential wear toiletries, phone and camera chargers, sunscreen, and anything else you absolutely must have.

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